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[HN] Bán Amply Arcam A90 cũ

Điện Tử Bách Khoa bán đầu Amply Arcam A90


Chủ top muốn nâng đời nên bán lại bộ CD Arcam CD23 và Amply Arcam A90.

Hình thức như trong ảnh.

Hàng nguyên zin, còn nguyên khiển và thùng giấy.


CD23: 16.000.000 vnđ.

Amply: A90: 12.000.000vnđ.

Thông số kỹ thuật:

Arcam CD23:

Theo giới thiệu của hãng:

FMJ CD23 Compact Disc Player (Discontinued)

The FMJ CD23 CDplayer represents the pinnacle of CD reproduction at a real world price.

The CD23 incorporates a unique digital to analogue conversion (DAC) system developed by a company based near Cambridge called dCS (Data Conversion Systems). They are a leading professional audio company of high repute. Their patented Ring DAC design has been adopted as a reference standard in many of the world’s best recording studios. dCS’s high performance studio solution is very expensive, but their technology was so elegant that we were determined to find a way to bring their system within reach of committed music lovers at a more affordable price. After many years of joint research and development, and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, the project to generate a custom chip set for the Ring DAC was completed in 1998.

The first product that incorporated this custom chip set was the Alpha 9 CD player. This player has astonished the most experienced listeners in the hi-fi community and has been the subject of rave reviews from around the world. The goal of the FMJ team was to improve on this already superb player. To achieve this the CD23 has a new motherboard and a totally new power supply configuration. We have added a high quality toroidal transformer to supply the sensitive audio circuitry in the Ring DAC converter board. The player will also decode the latest HDCD discs. The extra rigidity provided by the precision machined 8 mm thick aluminium alloy front panel also contributes to a performance that is so assured you will find new life in even your oldest CDs.

Amply Arcam A90:

DiVA A90 Integrated Amplifier (Discontinued)

Following on from the ground-breaking, award-winning DiVA A85 Integrated Amplifier , Arcam’s DiVA A90 has been developed with even higher performance levels to meet the demands of today’s market. With a more advanced power supply, the A90 is an ideal match for DVD Audio, and has the optional ability to include Arcam’s new 7.1 multichannel upgrade board.

The A90 is the latest in a long line of world-class Arcam HiFi amplifier designs and represents a combination of technical excellence, flexibility, ease of use and superb sound quality that will ensure its classic status in the future.

  • 90 + 90 Watts continuous output per channel (8 ohms)
  • 2 switchable speaker outputs
  • 6 inputs and 2 tape loops, one with fixed gain for AV processors
  • DC coupled
  • Ultra-wide dynamic range and power bandwidth
  • Ultra fast slew rate
  • Pre-loaded control software for analogue multi-channel upgrade

The A90 amplifier was designed and manufactured in the UK and available in black and silver finishes.

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